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Danny, 23 years old, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 19. To him, the disorder is a "war inside your own head". "Most people make decisions based on feelings and thoughts, but what if those feelings and thoughts are not yours?". 


The fear of not being enough, of not having accomplished enough is apparent. But so is his willingness to overcome such fear: "I don't want to only function, I want to do great things", he says. Danny is currently writing fiction and plans to enroll in a writing program.

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The building of meaningful relationships is something Danny has struggled with: "As much as I tried, as much as I wanted to... I never felt like I connected with people". But as the relationship with his cousin, with whom he often works out, develops, so does the confidence on his social skills. The workout sessions are essential. Danny feels whole, he conquers his fears: "The gym saved us", he explains. Later, he adds: "Actually, it was my cousin who saved me, he knows me like no one else in this world".​

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