Lily Li, 48 years old, born in Vietnam, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her mid 20s. At that time, the hallucinations were constant: "I was there in the flesh, but the spirit and the soul were not there, were being controlled", she says, "the voices frightened me, but I was afraid to talk about it, I kept it to myself", she adds.
Being surrounded by people who "didn't believe in psychiatry", her path to treatment was lengthy. After many years and failures, the medication has stabilized her symptoms: "I've been awake for the past 5 years", she says.
But the societal perceptions of schizophrenia still follow her: "Some people say schizophrenia people are crazy. I find that offensive. To call anybody crazy is offensive. There is a little crazy in all of us". 


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"Can I smoke a cigarette?", she asks. "I don't want to live too old, I want to die young. I love old people, but they don't look too good".